Three Reasons to Get a Free Online Credit Report

Getting a free online credit report is essential to managing your personal finances. Many people often neglect to check their credit on a periodic basis which can prove to be costly if there are erroneous items on this report. Having good credit makes it easier to reach your financial goals. Here are three reason to get a free online credit report.

Check for False Information

False information can appear on your credit report due to no fault of your own. A creditor can mistakenly report false information. An emergency room bill that your insurance company didn’t pay can negatively affect your credit score. All along, you thought this bill was paid but discover eight months later that this debt was reported to the credit bureau. This may sound crazy, but it happens. Identity thieves can use your personal information to buy new cars and stereo equipment that you will be responsible for paying. With a monitoring service, you can be alerted when new items hit your report and you can dispute charges within 30 days.

Save Money on Interest and Security Deposits

Unknowingly having poor credit can affect your ability to purchase automobiles and rent apartments. Nowadays, you can purchase a car with bad credit but at a hefty price. Subprime lenders will offer you a loan but you can expect to pay close to 20% interest and place a substantial down payment. The overall cost of the vehicle will cost more than if you had a conventional loan at 8%. Landlords want to be assured that the rent will be paid on time. Therefore they will check your credit history to see if you would be a good tenant. Getting a cell phone without a $500 dollar down payment will be more likely if you have a good history.

You Need a Job

Many employers are performing credit checks before extending offers to good candidates. It would be a shame to go through the interview process only to be denied a job offer because of your financial history. A free online credit report can show you where you stand if you are seeking a job in an industry that requires credit checks.

The Best Online Credit Card Sites Offer Added Value

The best online credit card sites have become difficult to find. It’s not that they aren’t there; it’s just that there are so many offering the same thing. Just do a search on your search engine of choice for your particular requirements and you will be rewarded with an abundance of riches. But which of these online credit card sites actually offer the best to you, the potential customer, in terms of service?

The figures almost defy belief. In the United States alone there are currently 641 million credit cards in circulation at the present moment, with 186 million people holding credit cards right now (source: accounting for a staggering $1.5 trillion worth of consumer spending. The best online credit card sites will be responsible for the majority of these, because these will be the major sites for the banks and the credit lenders themselves.

Search for “online credit cards” (i.e. with quotes and therefore looking for that exact phrase) on Google and, at the time of writing, you will be presented with a choice of 556,000 pages on the subject. This is information overload at its most vehement. To filter that down to the best online credit card sites you would need to apply your own special criteria for choice.

But what of the other sites, the sites not owned by the banks or the major lenders? Surely there are other places which offer a Value Added service in addition to the same old “Click Here For A Credit Card” sales patter? Search engines like Google are in the process of helping you out here, because their procedures are seen to be increasingly filtering out duplicate content from the search results in their system. In the medium to long term this will, hopefully, increase diversity and choice for the consumer. It will mean that locating the best online credit card sites will become easier.

This Value Added aspect of the best online credit card sites would probably use a service or technology designed for the Internet. What more appropriate reason to apply for a credit card from the Web than to be able to harness the power of the Web to automate certain features of credit card usage. For example, being able to look at your account online, or be able to order new credit cards or even to make balance transfers to new cards when your present 0 APR period is due to expire. Or what about some other service which can actually save us money? After all, the banks and other lenders are always keen on taking money from us; it would be nice if we found a way of keeping more money for ourselves.

The Internet is about using technology to make our lives easier, not more complicated. One day, when the search engines have filtered out uniformity and the same old sales messages, the best online credit card sites will be the ones that harness that technology to make our use of credit cards and other financial products easier, safer and less costly.

Instant Online Credit Card Application Information

Instant credit card application sounds pretty straight forward and yet if not carried out in the proper manner, will leave you paying much more for the card you choose, in the long-term. It all depends on the amount of time you put into research, and that goes for your credit situation as well as the actual card. Oh yes, making an instant online credit card application can be a little time-consuming, even tedious but believe me it will be worth your effort, and you’ll notice it every month when you pay your account.

The First thing you need to do when considering an instant online credit card application is to obtain an up-to-date copy of your credit report. You can get one from any of the three main agencies, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. The information held on your credit report will be seen by any company you approach for credit so it makes sense to make sure your report gives a good impression before you start. Pay off any small amounts of credit and close any accounts with a zero balance. If you are behind with any payments, bring them current now! Also check for errors on your report and bring them to the attention of the lender.

Once you have made sure that your credit report looks respectable again, you must ensure that the three main credit agencies are aware of your repair work. Your best move is to leave it for a week, then apply for an updated report and check that your amendments have been noted. You should also note that your credit score has improved if you made significant improvements.

So now you’ve done the preparatory work, the second stage of making an instant online credit card application is to make comparisons of all the cards you are confident you will qualify for, taking into account your credit score. Now a lot of people look for the highest credit limit when making comparisons but that is not likely to give you the lowest interest rate. The things you should be looking for here are APR (interest rate), set-up charges (if any), annual or monthly fees, late payment charges, credit limit, rewards and once you have narrowed down your list always read the small print attached to each card.

OK so now you have chosen the card that best suits your personal requirements, you are ready to make your instant online credit card application and it’s all downhill from here. Simply complete the application form that comes with the card you have chosen. Being accurate in your answers will save you time in the long run. If you supply all the information the questionnaire asks, you will be more likely to get an instant decision, whereas if there are any discrepancies, the computer will throw up a red flag which will mean your application will need to be checked by a bank associate. This all adds to the delay in you getting your card.

So that’s it! All you need to do now is sit back and wait for your new plastic, and because you spent a little time in researching, you are more likely to be receiving a card that not only suits your requirements, but will also cost you less to own. Always follow these simple steps whenever you make an instant online credit card application.