Free Credit Reports Online – See What the Lender Sees by Viewing Your Online Credit Reports

Getting free credit reports online, while it sounds too good to be true, it’s actually a reality. If you have never viewed your online credit reports, you are really doing yourself a disservice. Identity theft is on the rise and it is estimated that someone’s identity is stolen every 3 seconds worldwide. Think about that. You could have had your identity stolen a couple months ago and still have no idea without getting free credit reports online at least on an annual basis. There’s really no excuse not to see as how important it is and it’s free.

When you get your online credit reports it will have the status of all your loans and unpaid bills up to date so you can see how much debt you actually have. Old unpaid bills that got turned over to collections will be on there as well. These are things that many people forget about until they view free credit reports online. You will also be able to see if your credit rating is being adversely affected by items on your credit report that are a mistake. Mistakes on your credit report, while unsetting as it may sound, happens very frequently.

The free credit reports online companies make their money by trying to get you to enroll in their credit repair service that will actively monitor your credit and alert you when suspicious activity is noticed. This service runs about $15 a month and can be very valuable to some consumers who would like to guard themselves against identity theft. They will give you a 7 day free trial of this credit repair service but as long as you cancel before the 7th day you will not be charged. If you just want to get free credit reports online then just cancel before the 7 day free trial. However if you would like to protect your self against identity theft and also take advantage of some of the other benefits of their credit repair services, then $15 a month seems like a pretty reasonable price.